An important ingredient of success for the uMlazi & Expo will be to get the big national, regional and local media players to support and promote the Festival and its sponsors and partners. Our strategy is to engage the large TV, radio and print media owners and appoint one in each media category as a media partner on a trade exchange basis. This means the media partners will give the NUZ Festival air time and column centimetres , in return for the NUZ Festival giving them exclusive branding and other rights. In this way the NUZ Festival can significantly leverage its advertising budget.

We have partnered with SABC radio & television which boost brands like Metro fm, Radio 2000, Ukhozi FM, SABC 1,2 & 3.In addition to enlisting the support of media partners, Umlazi Management Company will develop a marketing campaign targeting as wide an audience as possible. It is essential that we target local, national, regional as well as international audiences. The promotional and communication objectives are highlighted as follows:

  • To ensure that Umlazi Festival & Expo, as a brand, is consistently involved in promotional activities and events to ensure ongoing top-of-mind awareness.
  • To establish the Umlazi Festival & Expo as an event brand and destination leader within its target markets.
  • Identifiably connecting the brand to specific entertainment and promotional events.
  • To create and strengthen relationships with key media as well as to launch and maintain maximum brand exposure for the Umlazi Festival & Expo through all possible media alternatives and as many ?possible media formats. ?To ensure the Umlazi Festival & Expo receives the exposure necessary, a marketing and communications campaign covering the entire media spectrum will be implemented to meet the targeted objectives.